Orbit Application Forms

All forms are in a PDF format that require Adobe Acrobat. We have provided a download link for Adobe Acrobat Reader here if you do not currently have it installed on your computer. Step by step instructions to assist you with this process are below.

If you plan to email a form to the Retirement Systems Division, please attach a PDF of the form to the email. We cannot process photos or images of forms (JPG, PNG, etc., files). If you scan the form using your computer or printer, make sure you choose “PDF” as the output file.

Note regarding "SAMPLE ONLY - NOT FOR SUBMISSION" forms: Forms stamped with "SAMPLE ONLY - NOT FOR SUBMISSION" are provided for your reference only and will not be accepted if received by the Retirement Systems Division. These SAMPLE forms include guides which contain useful information about the options and choices available to you.

An official personalized copy of any applicable form will be provided to you at your request or at the appropriate time by the Retirement Systems Division to ensure that you have the figures and information you need about your specific options before you complete and submit the form.

If you have received a personalized copy of any of these forms and need to make corrections or changes to your form, please contact the Retirement Systems Division, and we will fax, email or mail a duplicate copy of the form to you.

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